Friday Net on the MNDMR Talkgroup
Join us for the MNDMR FRIDAY NIGHT NET at 1900HR Central Time on the MNDMR (TS2) talkgroup through your choice of MNDMR Repeaters.

Click here to download the calendar item.
Click MNDMR Repeaters to learn about the MNDMR Network and Repeaters.
Look forward to seeing you on the air.

Statistics for MNDMR Repeaters Network

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In IE, you can view realtime traffic by checking 'Show Realtime Activity' along w/ steps outlined in this YouTube Video

In Chrome, to enable 'Show Realtime Activity', create a desktop shortcut for Google Chrome. Go into its shortcut Properties, pass these command line params:
--disable-web-security --user-data-dir="c:\temp"
And, click OK to apply changes to the shortcut.
Now launch the shortcut and open this dashboard web page url. You're all set.
Dashboard - Google Chrome settings Video

Loss Report Statistics for MNDMR